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Status of the Librarian/Library Manager

The School Library Association believes that the Librarian/Library Manager should:

  • have Head of Department status, in order that he/she can play a full part in school development and act effectively and in a proactive manner to support the developing needs of all departments
  • be included in staff meetings to enable the Librarian to raise and discuss relevant issues, maintaining the high profile of the library across the school
  • be line-managed by a member of the School Management Team with curricular responsibilities
  • have the status and authority to employ strategies for the effective management of the library in accordance with all school policies eg Health and Safety, Behaviour, Discipline, Inclusion etc.
  • have the authority to manage the library budget in accordance with school procedures and principles of best value

And in terms of professional development should:

  • have the same entitlement to INSET and Continuing Professional Development opportunities as teaching staff
  • be included in the school's staff appraisal programme
  • be allowed time to network with other School Librarians in the area, attend relevant meetings and actively participate in professional groups outside their school.

February 2016