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SLYA Citation for Angie Hunter


  • St Alphege C of E Infant School, Solihull
    Nominated by Deborah Neville, parent volunteer
Angie Hunter being presented with her Honour Certificate by SLA President Aidan Chambers
Angie Hunter being presented with her
Honour Certificate by SLA President Aidan Chambers

Angela is a trailblazer. Her aim in starting at the school was to make the library the best they’d ever had, one that people would travel for miles to see. She has totally transformed St Alphege Infant School Library and injected the whole school with a passion for storytelling, words and language, and demonstrated the power of the imagination. Children appreciate and enjoy books and stories because of Angela’s own unbridled enthusiasm and fervour. They pick up reading more quickly because of their special time in the library. They’re more interested in books and have wider reading tastes. Angie really brings a book to life for children. She’s earned her slot on the timetable with teachers according to the Headteacher, promotes learning through games and makes a difference to pupils’ learning through imagination – helping children see new things and in different ways, changing the way they see themselves.

She has created a wonderfully dynamic, colourful and creative environment in the refurbished library with stunning displays to capture pupils’ imaginations. Angie has lots of vision and inspiration and dreams up magical activities to bring stories to life – cloud gazing on a summer’s day or snuggling up under a giant duvet for a story on a rainy day – always following up stories by listening to pupils’ responses, discussion and book-choosing sessions. “Children listen to Angie boggle-eyed. They’re totally captivated in the library, not moving a muscle” say the parent volunteers. She’s always eager to get children to share her love of reading and makes every child feel special. Angie constantly inspires children in their own writing and illustration by arranging regular exciting visits from authors and illustrators. Fired by Angie’s passion for story pupils won’t stop reading now. She passes those storytelling skills on to parents too.

Her ambition has always been to make a difference and to make the parents part of her vision. She has established a highly dedicated team of volunteers who run the library alongside her and make their school library work, make it different from every other. She’s very charismatic and this charisma has a huge impact on those working around her. Her tireless enthusiasm ensures that the school is deluged with volunteers. She makes parent volunteers feel comfortable and supported. She’s a great team player and everyone is happy to work with her. Angie has really given the library status and value and made it a huge part of the children’s life in school. It’s no longer just a place to get a book but an adventure with new and exciting things. She’s not afraid to articulate her vision and find ways to move forwards towards it. She’s a vital cog in the school. She has really moved the school on.