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Regional Course Details

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Reading Levels, Progress 8 and GCSEs - the library's critical place

Course Details:

This course takes a close look at the position that secondary schools, sixth form and FE colleges find themselves in now that reading levels (as identified under APP) are no longer acceptable to Ofsted.  It will explore how this new demanding landscape makes the work of the school and college library critical to the success of the English department and whole school literacy: strategically creating opportunities, supporting and monitoring students’ progress in reading levels.


Aims and Objectives

To enable delegates to understand and plan for current rigorous national reading demands, while ensuring that reading for students is a pleasurable experience. 


During the day participants will consider -


  • The reading requirements of Ofsted, assessment without levels, Attainment 8 Progress 8, new GCSEs in English Language and English Literature
  • The requrement for schools to show progress between KS2 and the new GCSE English & English Literature as well as demonstrating they are building pupils’ capacity for reading in KS3.
  • The need for colleges to become successful in enabling students to gain grade C and above in GCSE English Language.
  • How the library can play a critical role in supporting reading achievement
  • How the Librarian can support their colleagues in the English department


The programme will include -


  • Great Expectations from Ofsted
  • Reading scales - a response to the Reading requirements in the National Curriculum
  • Reading and the attainment gap: what's the connection?
  • Demanding Reading - GSCEs; an in-depth consideration of GCSE English Language and English Literature
  • Developing a vibrant, enjoyable Reading Culture embracing Ofsted requirements, reading levels and GCSEs
  • Selecting, prioritising and planning strategically for your school situation offering discreet, pertinent and high quality reading activities.

Trainer: Angie Curran

Angie Curran is currently an independent consultant and adviser in English and literacy.  She is a Chartered Educational Assessor, Chair of the London branch of the National Association of Advisers for English and an executive member of the NATE National Writing Project.  She taught English for 26 years in secondary comprehensive schools and was the Advisory Teacher for Education in/for a Multicultural Society in Croydon Education Authority before becoming the cross phase English and literacy advisor for the London Borough of Lewisham working with primary and secondary schools and Post 16 colleges.

Feedback from Course:

"Contained more than it promised.  Seriously undersold."

"A lot of useful ground was covered."

Key Audience:

Secondary school library staff

Venues and Dates:

No venues/dates are currently scheduled for this course. For more information about possible future dates, please contact the SLA Office.