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2011 GiggleIT Project – Through our window; the colours of our land.

Help your students ages 10-14 share the view "Through Our Window: The Colours of Our World" as they sharpen their visual literacy and writing skills with the GiggleIT Project's new contest categories.

These 4 competitions run through 1 November 2011, so students may participate during more than one school term/semester.  One project is for the entire class - "Our Snow White" ask students to give Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs culturally significant names (and explain why).  Three individual projects for 2011 include - Design your personal logo (Art), write a Haiku poem (English), and Create a Travel Poster (Persuasive writing, ICT).

Free registration, free resources, free web hosting of student works! Share this with your teachers today as your library becomes a creative hub at your school and your students become internationally published authors and designers.  Questions? Just e-mail the GiggleIT team - giggle_it@live.com.au- or ask us on our Facebook page - GiggleIT Project.

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