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John Royce

John Royce has more than 40 years experience in teaching and school librarianship in Zambia, England, Malawi, Germany and Turkey.  He has presented at conferences and led workshops around the world. He has published papers and articles in the professional press, and is the author of Credit where it's due: the school library preventing plagiarism in the SLA Guideline series.  He has served on SLA, ECIS, IASL, IB, and other library committees.  He has served on CIS and ECIS Accreditation Team visiting teams, and has also given consultancy advice to schools in UK, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

Now returned to England, John has gone freelance!

He is particularly interested in the promotion of academic honesty, advocating a positive approach. He has a healthy view of technology in education and in our daily lives, and has delved into research on the brain, reading and screen-reading, and on privacy and other issues.He also teaches critical thinking and the need to stay aware and to THINK!  And much, much more.   John is an authorised IB workshop leader and has designed and led workshops for librarians and for teachers.

As well as consultancy visits and advice on library matters, John offers informative, practical, entertaining and empowering presentations and workshops for librarians, teachers and students, tailor-made to meet your needs.

Find out more about John and his contact details at http://read2live.com/