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Information Book Award

IBA Illus WEBThe Information Book Award is an annual event, in its eighth year, and is a major development for information books, being designed to support school libraries and to reinforce the importance of non-fiction whilst highlighting the high standard of resources available.

Children's Choice Vote 2018

Iba Covers Group Mini

Vote here for the Children's Choice Vote 2018 - https://www.sla.org.uk/vote

All votes count towards deciding which information book receives the Children's Choice Award. There is an Award for each age category and an overall winner. 

Voting closes on Saturday 27 October 2018.

Shortlist for 2018

The Shortlist for the 2018 Information Book Award has just been announced.

The 2018 award ceremony will be held in London in November to tie in with Non-Fiction November.

Final_with comments_Shortlist_website

Word document, 215 kB (Requires Microsoft Word 97 or later)

Information Book Award Activities 2018

We hope these activities are useful for helping you encourage your students to explore the Information Book Award shortlist.

IBA activities 7 and under

Word document, 16 kB

Requires Microsoft Word 2007 or later



IBA activities 7-12

Word document, 19 kB

Requires Microsoft Word 2007 or later



IBA activities 12-16

Word document, 19 kB

Requires Microsoft Word 2007 or later



SLA Info Award Top Trumps

PDF file, 244 kB

Requires Adobe Reader



2017 Award

IBA 2017 Winner PlaqueRead the full results for the SLA Information Book Award 2017 with the list of the winners, report of the award ceremony and further information about the 2017 shortlist and judges' comments.

Further Information

To find out more about the SLA Information Book Award, explore:

  • How the Award works
  • Resources to accompany the Award:
    Useful guides, lesson plans and templates to help schools and reading groups work with Information Books


The SLA Information Book Award is run entirely on sponsorship kindly donated by friends and supporters of the Award. No money is taken from the SLA budget so all staff time, the cost of the judging, prizes for the winners and the final award ceremony must be covered by the sponsors' donations.

Hachette GroupThe SLA Information Book Award is sponsored by Hachette Children's Group and is supported by Peters Books and Furniture.