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Information Book Award 2018

Shortlist for 2018

The School Library Association announces the shortlist for the eighth annual SLA Information Book Award.

Chair of the Judges Chris Brown said: “This is the eighth year of the Awards and it is an absolute delight to have received more brilliant, attractive and amazing books than ever. Inevitably that wonderful abundance has made judging and choices more difficult and this shortlist reflects the incredibly high standards publishers are achieving in producing information books for our young readers.”

From our sponsor, Hilary Murray Hill, CEO, Hachette Children’s Group commented:

“I am fiercely proud of our sponsorship of the SLA Information Book Awards. These are now the only awards that highlight the essential work library staff do in engaging young people with information books, as well as celebrate the breadth and imagination of contemporary non-fiction publishing. The authors and illustrators on the 2018 shortlist, and the information professionals, all deserve the highest praise. Their work will encourage, motivate, inform and inspire a whole generation of children.”

The School Library Association is pleased to announce the shortlist for each age category as follows:

7 and under

  • Look I’m a Scientist by Various Authors ISBN 9780241231074 (Dorling Kindersley)

  • Proud to be Deaf by Ava, Lilli,Nick Beese and Romina Marti ISBN 9781526302182 (Wayland)

  • Rock Pool Secrets by Narelle Oliver ISBN 9781406358773 (Walker Books)



  • 100 Things to Know About Food by Various Authors and illustrated by Parko Polo and Mariani Federico ISBN 9781409598619 (Usborne)

  • Dinosaur Atlas by Anne Rooney and James Gilleard ISBN 9781786577184 (Lonely Planet)

  • Real-Life Mysteries – Can You Explain the Unexplained? by Susan Martineau and Vicky Barker ISBN 9781911509080 (b small publishing)

  • The Ways of the Wolf by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Jonathan Woodward ISBN 9781526360304 (Wren & Rook)



  • Escape From Syria by Samya Kullab, Jackie Roche and Mike Freiheit ISBN 9781770859821 (Firefly Books)

  • Explanatorium of Nature by Various Authors ISBN 9780241286845 (Dorling Kindersley)

  • From Prejudice to Pride: A History of the LGBTQ+ Movement by Amy Lamé ISBN 9781526301901 (Wayland)


Congratulations to all our shortlisted authors, illustrators and publishers. The winners will be announced at an event at Hachette Children’s Group’s offices, Carmelite House, on Wednesday 7 November 2018, the start of National Non-fiction November.

Voting for the Children’s Choice from the shortlists will be open shortly as will some activity ideas for the books. Announcements will follow on the SLA website www.sla.org.uk and via Twitter [at]UKSLA and on our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/schoollibraryassociation/


Hachette Children’s Group Award for Outstanding Contribution to Information Books

The Hachette Children’s Group Award for Outstanding Contribution to Information Books launched last year. The award is given to an eminent UK writer or illustrator of information books for children, to mark an exceptional contribution to excellence in their field. In its inaugural year, the prize was voted for by a panel of school librarians and the judges of the Information Book Award, and Nicola Davies was selected as the recipient of the award.

This year, a selection of children’s reading organisations will be invited to submit nominations to the panel, and then take part in a voting process to determine the winner. The 2018 winner will be announced at the SLA Information Book Award ceremony on 7 November 2018.

Longlist for 2018

The SLA Information Book Award received a wide range of submissions for consideration for the 2018 award. Chris Brown, the Chair of the judges commented:

 “More books than ever before were submitted for the 7-12 age group including a great many really good books. This is immensely satisfying although it certainly increased the difficulties of the task of judging and so we decided to include 12 titles in the long-list for this age group.”

The School Library Association Information Book Award longlist for 2018 is -

7 and Under

Barr, Catherine; Williams, Steve and Husband, Amy

           The Story of Space, Frances Lincoln, 9781847807489

Beese, Ava, Lilli and Nick

           Proud to be Deaf, Wayland, 9781526302182

Davies, Nicola and Scobie, Lorna

           The Variety of Life, Hodder, 9781444931198

Gervais, Bernadette

           The Ladybird, Laurence King Publishing, 9781786270016

Glynne, Andy and Maldonado, Salvador

            Summer’s Story – Living with Epilepsy, Watts, 9781445156668

Markel, Michelle and Carpenter, Nancy

            Balderdash! John Newbery and the Boisterous Birth of Children’s

                         Books, Chronicle Books, 9780811879224

Oliver, Narelle

            Rock Pool Secrets, Walker, 9781406358773


            Look I’m a Scientist, Dorling Kindersley, 9780241231074


            My Encyclopedia of Very Important Animals,

                        Dorling Kindersley, 9780241276358

Zommer, Yuval

            The Big Book of Beasts, Thames and Hudson, 9780500651063


7 – 12

 Brake, Mark and Kearney, Brendan

             The Big Earth Book, Lonely Planet, 9781787012776

Druvert, Hélène with Druvert, Jean-Claude: translated by David H Wilson

             Anatomy, Thames and Hudson, 9780500651360   

Gifford, Clive

             Ground Control to Major Tim, Wayland, 9781526300959

Giuliani, Emma and Saturno, Carole

             Egyptomania, Laurence King Publishing, 9781786270900

Ignotofsky, Rachel

             Women in Science, Wren & Rook, 9781526360519

Lamothe, Matt

             This is How We Do It, Chronicle Books, 9781452150185

Manning, Mick and Granström, Brita     

             Books, Books, Books, Otter-Barry Books, 9781910959985

Martineau, Susan and Barker, Vicky

             Real-Life Mysteries – Can You Explain the Unexplained?

                             B small Publishing, 9781911509080

Prasadam-Halls, Smriti and Woodward, Jonathan

             The Ways of The Wolf, Wren & Rook, 9781526360304

Rooney, Anne and Gilleard, James

              Dinosaur Atlas, Lonely Planet, 9781786577184

Taylor, Barbara (author) et al.

              The Ultimate Guide – Shark, Miles Kelly Publishing, 9781786172457


              100 Things to Know About Food, Usborne, 9781409598619


12 – 16

 Bertie, Alex

             Trans Mission, My Quest to a Beard, Wren & Rook, 9781526360687

Brunelle, Julie and Wood, Peter

             The Artist in You, Watts, 9781445151694

Kullab, Samya; Roche, Jackie and Freiheit, Mike

             Escape From Syria, Firefly Books, 9781770859821

Lamé, Amy                

             From Prejudice to Pride, a History of the LGBTQ+ Movement,

                             Wayland, 9781526301901

Miles, John C.

              Between the Wars: 1918-1939, Watts, 9781445150604

Ridley, Sarah

              Suffragettes and the Fight for the Vote, Watts, 9781445152615

Robinson, Anthony and Young, Annemarie

              Young Palestinians Speak, Interlink Books, 9781566560153

Senker, Cath

              Far From Home: Refugees and Migrants Fleeing War,   

                             Persecution and Poverty, Watts, 9781445155203

Turton, Sue

              This Book Will (help you) Change the World,

                            Wren & Rook, 9781526360908


              Explanatorium of Nature, Dorling Kindersley, 9780241286845

 Alison Tarrant, Director of the SLA said: "Congratulations to all the longlisted books! The judges have some tough decisions on their hands, but this award really does highlight the incredible information books that young people have access to."

The SLA Information Book Award shortlists will be announced in approximately 1 month, with the award ceremony being held in London in November to tie in with Non-Fiction November. This event will be hosted by award sponsor, Hachette Children’s Group.


The SLA Information Book Award is run entirely on sponsorship kindly donated by friends and supporters of the Award. No money is taken from the SLA budget so all staff time, the cost of the judging, prizes for the winners and the final award ceremony must be covered by the sponsors' donations.

Hachette GroupThe SLA Information Book Award is sponsored by Hachette Children's Group and is supported by Peters Books and Furniture.