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Welcome to the School Library Association

The School Library Association is committed to supporting everyone involved with school libraries, promoting high quality reading and learning opportunities for all.

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Introduction to the SLA in Scottish Gaelic

Tha Comunn Leabharlainn na Sgoile (an SLA) stèidhichte ann am Breatainn ged a tha buill a’ Chomuinn bho air feadh na Roinn Eòrpa agus fiù bho air feadh an t-saoghail. Tha ballrachd fosgailte do neach sam bith aig a bheil ùidh ann a bhi a’ leasachadh leabharlainn sgoile. Tha na stuthan againn ann am Beurla a-mhàin.

Tha sinn a’ tabhann taic do bhuill, cùrsaichean-treanaidh agus a’ clo-bhualadh an iris againn, The School Librarian. Tha ionadan againn ann an Sasainn agus anns a’ Chuimrigh a thuilleadh air ionadan Nàiseanta ann an Alba, an Èirinn a Tuath agus ann am Poblach na h-Èirinn. Tha sinn a’ strì a chùm piseach a thoirt air na leabharlainn anns na sgoiltean agus na daoine a tha ag obair annta. Anns a’ bhliadhna 2004, stèidhich sinn an duais Leabharlainniche Sgoile na Bliadhna airson aithne a thoirt don mhòr-shluagh air an deagh obair a tha a’ tachairt anns na leabharlainn a th’ anns na sgoiltean. Tha sinn cuideachd a’togail inbhe nan leabharlainn air a’ chiad Diluain dhen Dàmhair nuair a tha sinn a’ cumail Latha Eadar-nàiseanta nan Leabharlainn.

‘S ann air an seo a tha sinn ag amas:

  • Tha sinn a’ creidsinn gu bheil a h-uile sgoilear airidh air deagh ghoireasan leabharlainn anns an sgoil aca. Tha an SLA ag obair gu cruaidh airson gach neach co-cheangailte ri leabharlann sgoile a chuideachadh, a’ strì gus ìre àrd ann an leughadh a choileanadh agus cothroman ionnsachaidh a thoirt do gach neach.

Tha sinn ro-thoilichte ceistean a fhreagairt anns a’ Bheurla mu leabharlainn ann am Breatainn.

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Short introductions to the SLA are available in:
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Aston Logo 2019 WebThis year's joint SLA and CILIP YLG weekend course - "Building Identity, Building Readers" took place 21 to 23 June 2019 at the Aston Conference Centre, Aston University, Birmingham.

It proved a great success. For more information please see the 2019 Weekend Course page. 

Thank you so much to our sponsors, all the authors, illustrators, publishers, speakers, workshop leaders and everyone on both the SLA and YLG committees (as well as SLA staff) and not forgetting the wonderful delegates for contributing to this success.

As soon as we have permissions for the presentations to be loaded, they will be made available via this website.

Next year's conference takes place at the International Hotel, Ashford, Kent over 19 - 21 June 2020.



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