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The SLA blog contains news about the SLA and topical information of general interest to our members. The blog has been running since 2004. An RSS 2.0 feed and information about how to subscribe to the blog are available.

Older blog posts are still available, though archived, on the website, but please check the date at the top of the post to make sure the offer or information is likely to be valid.

E-Petition, National Assembly for Wales

Alison Bagshaw has been successful in getting an e petition on the Welsh assembly website which urges

We the undersigned, call on the National Assembly for Wales to urge the Welsh Government to accept in principle that it will make schools libraries statutory and run by suitably qualified staff, and to prepare the necessary legislation in consultation with the appropriate professional associations and trade unions.

Do have a look and sign up here

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SLG Survey of School Libraries published!

There is a growing gap between the best services and those where resources and management support are failing, according to a new CILIP School Libraries Group report, published yesterday.

The national survey of UK school libraries has just been completed, with detailed replies from 1,547 secondary, middle, special and independent schools and exhaustive activity reports from over 1,000 of these, supplemented by information from 655 primary schools.

The final report School Libraries in the UK: a worthwhile past, a difficult present - and a transformed future? concludes that the vision and support of senior management is vital to success. It is crucial that school management recognise the difference that a good school library can make.

Read the full story about the survey and the report on Cilip's website.

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The Children’s Book Show 2010 – Stories from Around the World

The Children’s Bookshow is an annual tour of children's authors and illustrators from the UK and abroad. The theme for this, the 8th Bookshow, is Stories From Around the World, and there is an exciting line-up of award-winning artists to inspire school children with their enthusiasm and passion for stories.

This year is the biggest year yet. Through September, October and November, 12 authors and illustrators are performing in 14 different theatres around the country.

Many of the authors and illustrators are already household names, some of them may be new to you, but all are among the most exciting artists writing and illustrating for children today.

Free Workshops
This year there is an offer of 70 FREE workshops to participating schools. This is an exciting opportunity for children to meet and work with an author or illustrator in their own classroom. And every child that takes part in a workshop will also receive their own personal copy of a book by the relevant author or illustrator, free to take home with them.

For information see the website or contact Nicky Potter - nicpot[at]dircon.co.uk

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School Library Budgets - Survey Results 2010

Members will be interested in a small but indicative research project that our Past Chair, Geoff Dubber, has just undertaken. He has worked with the SLA Central & East Berkshire Branch to look at school library budgets in a small sample of schools. Geoff's results are published in "SLA Central & East Berkshire Branch School Library Budgets – some analysis and observations" [PDF download, 70kb, SLA members access only]. 

He has also uploaded a PowerPoint of his Report back to the Branch [open access at Slideshare]. You may find this a useful starting point to open discussion around your school library budget either within your branch or Senior Management Team in school.

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