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Salaries for School Library Staff

These recommendations are based on the National Joint Council Schemes and Conditions of Service for England and Wales, and the National joint Council for Local Authorities Services (Scottish Council) for Scotland.

Please note: the recommendations are based on a standard 35 hour week and a full time contract. Term time only contracts will be pro - rata.


NJC pay scales 2016 - 2017

NJCsalary Scales

Word document, 14 kB (Requires Microsoft Word 2007 or later)


a) Senior Librarian/Head Librarian

With Head of Department status and managing library staff - recommendation: SCP 43 - 49+. This equates to a salary between £37,858 - £58,096.

b) Professionally qualified Librarian

with first degree or Masters degree in Library and Information Science - recommendation: SCP 29 - 44. This equates to a salary between £25,694 - £38,789.

Minimum of SCP 31 if chartered MCLIP or £ 27,394.

If teaching duties added to above, e.g. information skills programme - recommendation: SCP 37 - 49. This equates to a salary between £32,164 - £43,387.

c) Library Manager (unqualified) or recently qualified librarians

with day to day responsibility, including managing budget, development planning etc. - recommendation: SCP 25 - 30. This equates to a salary between £22,434 - £26,556.

d) Senior Clerical or Senior Library Assistant

working with professional librarian - no strategic role but to include areas of responsibility - recommendation: SCP 18 - 22. This equates to a salary between £17,891 - £20,456.

e) Clerical or Library Assistant

working with professional librarian - no strategic role - recommendation: SCP 15 - 18. This equates to a salary between £16,772 - £17,891.

Minimum of SCP17 (£17,547) if City and Guilds or NVQ level 3 library assistants' qualification held

Annual Leave

Since the Introduction of the Working Time Regulations in 1998, all staff, including those who work part-time, are entitled to a minimum of 4 weeks (equivalent) paid holiday per year.

In addition, if library staff are not employed for 52 weeks per year, two to three weeks paid employment may also be required during school holidays for stock-checks, planning and report writing etc.


Updated July 2016