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The SLA Resources Blog is designed to highlight new resources which we at the SLA think may be of interest to school librarians and to others working in related fields. The blog is available at and can also be read via an RSS feed at

Older blog posts are still available, though archived, on the website, but please check the date at the top of the post to make sure the offer or information is likely to be valid.

Ebookdabra - reading app giveaway for members

The team at Ebookadabra undertook research earlier this year that showed that a
staggering one in 20   British children aged between three and seven have never
read a picture book. As a result Ebookadabra has launched a ‘Netflix of children’s
picture books’ that will help kids discover a magical world of reading.
For a limited time only, Ebookadabra is offering SLA members an exclusive 4 months
free subscription to the app.
The subscription service is available through both the AppStore and Google Play and
normally costs £2.99 a month, after a 14 day free trial. Ebookadabra allows a family
to create up to four children’s profiles plus a parent access. It features over a
thousand picture books, from leading publishers such as Disney, Harper Collins and
Parragon – that’s just 10p a day for an ocean of reading in your pocket.
Grown-ups can record an audio version of any book in the Ebookadabra library for
their child to listen to at any time. There are hundreds of pre-recorded audio books
too with ‘read-along’ feature that highlights words as they are read. Ebookadabra
works off-line allowing up to 15 books to be downloaded to read on the move.
With personalised avatars and themes, virtual rewards and a system of educational
games that unlock when a story is read, Ebookadabra is safe and fun reading
world for young kids.
Ebookadabra is also developing a version for primary schools which will be available
in the New Year. Ebookadabra for School will provide a library of books and a
system of rewards for use in class so that kids can learn and have fun whilst
teachers/librarians can monitor their progress on a ‘teacher dashboard’ and can use the app to
choose books of different levels and interests tailored to kids’ needs. Children will be
able to continue their reading at home on their own device or by following an audio
book read by their teacher or librarian. 
Offer ends on Monday 1 st  January 2018. To claim your 4 months free – please email Tom
Grayson at with ‘SLA 4 MONTHS FREE’ in the subject.

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Catalyst magazine

STEM Learning RGB Low ResAimed at students aged 14-19, Catalyst is packed with interesting articles on cutting edge science, interviews and new research written by leading academics. It also includes a booklet of teacher's notes, full of ideas and lesson plans to bring the articles to life in the classroom.

Published for over 20 years, STEM Learning are proud to announce that we will be taking over the production and distribution of Catalyst magazine. Catalyst also has a brand new look and feel. We're also created a set of teacher's notes, designed to bring the ideas explored in Catalyst to life. Written by teachers, for teachers, this new feature will be included as an insert with future editions of Catalyst.

We’ve created a new homepage for Catalyst, showcasing our latest edition, as well as the back catalogue of previous editions, and information on how you can sign up to hear about future editions.

This academic year, you can sign up for a single subscription for free. Edition 30 will be landing in schools in January, with articles on manta rays, dark matter and terra-forming.

Find out more:

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Amazing Animal Atlas Resource Notes

Ready for National Non-Fiction Month in November publisher Nobrow have released a set of teachers notes. These provide insightful and engaging prompts for using The Amazing Animal Atlas in a school or library environment. 

Animal Atlas_Teachers Notes[3]

PDF file, 6 MB

Requires Adobe Reader

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Global Media and Information Literacy Week 2017: 25th October - 1 November 2017

Announcement from UNESCO:
We are celebrating the partnership of IFLA on Global MIL Week 2017. Please see the flyer about low-cost ways for libraries to celebrate the upcoming Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Week 2017.

The flyer is currently available in 4 languages: English, français (French), espagnol (Spanish) and Chinese. All language versions can be found on the homepage of the Global MIL Week 2017 official website.

We invite you to forward them to your staff, library networks and associations, school libraries, your partners and to any other concerned stakeholders in your networks.

Register your MIL events/activities here:
Events/activities around the world in celebration of Global MIL Week 2017:

Global MIL Week 2017 official website: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian

low-cost_ways_for_media_to_celebrate_global_mil_week_2017 (2)

PDF file, 912 kB

Requires Adobe Reader

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Stop press - 30% off Facet titles for members!

Facet Publishing is the leading specialist imprint for library and information professionals. They publish cutting-edge content written by practitioners, researchers and sector leaders around the world, capturing ideas, intelligence and thought leadership for fellow librarians, information professionals and information scientists worldwide. Facet's latest publications cover a wide range of subjects including:

  • Information science

  • Archives, records management and preservation

  • Information literacy

  • Copyright

  • Data librarianship

  • Digital scholarship

  • And much more!

Facet would like to work in partnership with the SLA to offer our members a time-limited discount of 30% on the list price of orders submitted between now and 1st December 2017. You can access a PDF version of the publisher's catalogue here or alternatively use their online catagloge here . To order, send an email to info[at] with details of the books you want, address details and quoting the code FACETSLA17. Thanks to Facet for such an excellent offer, perhaps now would be a good time to stock up on professional development titles! 

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European language magazines

Those of you that have students learning foreign languages might want to subscribe to these wonderful language magazines for children and young people from European Schoolbooks Ltd. Each subscription entitles you to 5 issues during the year and ELi magazines are available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Latin. They are also available for pupils who are learning English, which makes them useful for any students whose native tongue is not English in your school.

You can choose the language level of the magazines that you want and they are available from A1-C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, equivalent to Key Stages 2 to 4. You can view them here.

Always up-to-date

ELi magazines are packed with the latest news about famous people (singers, sporting heroes, actors etc.) and current events in the countries and regions where the language is spoken, as well as more general topics of interest for young readers such as music, film and global issues.

Intercultural understanding

High-quality photos, engaging activities, wide-ranging reports and interviews all stimulate learning about the culture and traditions of the countries in which each language is spoken.

Teaching units

Each magazine is both a great read and a self-contained teaching resource. The vocabulary, grammatical structures and functions - introduced via original glossaries - are repeated throughout the issue to support the language learning process.

Great Value!

European Schoolbooks are very aware of the financial constraints many of us are working under so they try hard to keep subscription fees reasonable, annual subscriptions comprise 5 issues per year, from October to May and have much to endear them to foreign language teachers and librarians:

  • Full, A4, colour format with 16 pages
  • Durable, good-quality paper
  • Superb photos and graphics
  • Inserts such as games and pull-outs at the lower-ability levels
  • Free online audio recordings (not available for Russian and Latin)
  • Free UK delivery

1 annual subscription: £16.00

2-5 subscriptions (of the same title): £10.00 each

6 or more subscriptions (of the same title): £8.50 each

ELi magazines are available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from European Schoolbooks Ltd. View samples online and order your subscription on the website.

ELI Mag Pics 1

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Egmont free downloads & Eurolis book packs

Egmont Publishing have some very useful free resources available on their website for pre school, KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4. Teachers notes, lesson plans, activity sheets and posters are included on the download area for popular books such as The Power of Dark, The Magic Faraway Tree and Barry Loser. Usefully these resources can be filtered by type: poster, lesson plans, lesson notes and activity sheets. Signing up to the Egmont newsletter will bring notifications of new resources, exciting new book and competition news. 

Eurolis, a group of expert librarians in the cultural centres of France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Spain with the assistance of CILIP in the UK, have put together a book resource called EuroToolbox. All of the books in the collection have been especially chosen and they are the very best recently published in the following original languages : French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish, the English language is represented as well, thanks to a donation of the 15 books shortlisted for the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway children's books awards in the current year from CILIP. Eurotoolbox is now available to borrow free of charge to libraries and schools in the UK. To enquire about loaning please email Maria Riccobono or give her a ring on 0207 396 4425.

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Engaging Girls in STEM

Inspired by Space Engaging Girls In STEM Statistics CHK 2017 3Curved House Kids launch a free guide to engaging girls in STEM to mark the 26th anniversary of British astronaut Helen Sharman’s historic space mission

Twenty-six years ago, astronaut Helen Sharman became the first Brit in space, and the first woman to visit the Mir space station. Dr Sharman beat 13,000 hopefuls to the post after responding to a radio advertisement requesting “Astronaut Applications. No experience necessary”. Sharman’s mission was, and still is, a remarkable moment for both British history and for women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). It is also a timely reminder of the urgent need to promote and encourage girls into STEM careers. Two and a half decades on and achievements like Dr Sharman’s are still all too rare.

In the UK, women make up just 21% of the entire STEM workforce (WISE Campaign, 2016, Meanwhile, there is a serious skills crisis across every part of the STEM sector with an estimated shortfall of 69,000 recruits every year. This is costing billions and putting the UK at a significant disadvantage, especially post-Brexit. However, we have a solution right in front of us: the tens of thousands of female students each year who are choosing not to pursue STEM careers. These girls are more than capable of contributing to the STEM sector – and the UK economy – but they are not choosing STEM careers. An education pipeline published by the WISE Campaign last year highlights the diminishing rates: 50% of girls do GCSE science, 34% continue into A-Level and just 7% go into higher education. That is in stark contrast to the 24% of boys at the same education level.

Inspired by Space: Engaging Girls in STEM, published today by Curved House Kids, is a guide for teachers and educators that aims to not only engage primary-aged girls but also to embed a genuine and lasting interest in science. It provides easy-to-implement ideas for both the classroom and home learning. Written and compiled by primary educator and science specialist Claire Loizos with Curved House Kids publisher Kristen Harrison, it details five strategies to help girls succeed in STEM learning, including harnessing skills like communication, collaboration and creativity. Each strategy is accompanied by a number of adaptable activities for teachers to use in the classroom and beyond.

The guide draws heavily on the learning and feedback from the Principia Space Diary, a primary science programme that now has over 90,000 British students registered to complete their own diary as they follow ESA astronaut Tim Peake’s Principia mission. Developed by Curved House Kids with author and science communicator Lucy Hawking, the Space Diary highlights the roles of many influential women in the space and science sectors. These include Dr Helen Sharman, astronomer Sheila Kanani and Tim Peake’s Mission Director Berti Meisinger, who are featured in the guide.  

The goal is to help primary-aged girls to see themselves in STEM careers – whether it’s as astronauts, scientists, mathematicians, coders or any other role. They also aim to ensure girls in STEM are visible and celebrated by peers, family and the wider community. Publisher Kristen Harrison stresses that this guide is not just for girls and promotes the use of these ideas with all students. ‘True equality is not just about giving girls opportunities,’ Harrison says. ‘It's about developing empathy in all students to ensure we are all open to female voices and appreciate the benefits of diversity.’

The hope is this guide will help teachers to implement new ideas without adding hours of workloads. Teacher Claire Loizos says: ‘I have found that open tasks that require children to “learn on their feet” and choose their own methods of application have worked wonders at encouraging girls to take ownership of their own learning, with huge increases in enjoyment and progress. The ideas and activities in this guide bear this in mind, providing minimal teacher input and maximum pupil effort, encouraging independence whilst allowing girls to be creative.’

Inspired by Space: Engaging Girls in STEM is available from the Principia Space Diary website and is free to download.

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